Breastfeeding & Antidepressants

My hands crumpled together. Fingers heavy in my palm, twisted together in misery and emptiness.   I stared across the doctor’s office.   My eyes burnt with tears, blurring the figures in front of me.   I searched my mind for an answer, for a feeling, for anything that would stop the wave of uselessness... Continue Reading →


Mental X Mutha

The amazing Natasha allowed me to write a piece for about my experience of breastfeeding and taking anti-depressants. This piece was written in October 2017 after I had gone through post natal depression and cognitive behavioural sounds heavy, i promise it is funny. This photo is a very real depiction of how i... Continue Reading →

Dear Alfred Banner…

In August 2017 my Grandfather died. Here is my eulogy for him - Alfred Banner, well actually to him, a letter i wrote after he died. I wanted to post it because of the many things i have achieved in my life, writing and then reading this, is one of the proudest moments of my... Continue Reading →


So you have stumbled to my page, welcome. I write, because i want to. I love writing. I am not sure if i am any good but i enjoy doing it and i though here would be the best place to share it. Because it would be selfish of me to keep it all to... Continue Reading →

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